How Do You Sign up for Free Online Courses?

Sign up for free online courses through the companies that offer the courses, such as the websites of Alison, the Holy Apostles College and Seminary Massive Open Online Course program, Udemy and Class Central. These websites require you to create a Web account and complete online registration.

To sign up for free class on Alison, go through the class listings to choose your courses. Alison offers courses in several categories, including Business and Enterprise Skills, Languages, Health and Safety Compliance, Health Literacy, and Digital Literacy and IT Skills. After choosing a course, sign in to an existing account, or create a new one if necessary, and then register for your chosen classes.

Holy Apostles College and Seminary offers periodic Massive Open Online Courses. Sign up for them by clicking on the Click Here To Register link under each course heading. Some Udemy courses require payment, but several are offered at no charge. Go to the Signup link on the upper right-hand corner of the home page to register and take courses.

Like Holy Apostles, Class Central provides several Massive Open Online Courses, but it pulls them from several academic institutions. Choose the class you want to take, and click the Go To Class page to view class information and to register.