How Do You Sign up for Mychart With Metrohealth?

How Do You Sign up for Mychart With Metrohealth?

To sign up for MyChart, enter your MyChart Access Code, the last four digits of your Social Security Number and your date of birth on the MetroHealth Activate Your MyChart Account page. Create your own user ID and password for the system.

The MyChart Access Code is a required 15-digit number used to initially create your account. Once you complete the MyChart sign-up process, you no longer need this access code. The code expires once you use it or 60 days after MetroHealth issues it. Get your code from your MetroHealth care provider on the After Visit Summary or enrollment letter.

If you don't already have a MetroHealth access code, you can get one online by clicking Request Online at the bottom of the activation page. The request page requires you to enter demographic information so MetroHealth can verify your identity. MetroHealth emails the Access Code after verification.

Once you enter the required information on the Activate Your MyChart Account page, you receive a confirmation of account creation. Use the MyChart user ID and password you create during the setup process to log in to your MetroHealth MyChart account on future visits.

MetroHealth allows you to register for proxy access to a child's or adult parent's MyChart account. Take a completed Proxy Access Authorization Form and identify to your MetroHealth provider to register for proxy access.