How Do You Sign up for MyAccount Access With Boost Mobile?

To access the My Account feature of the Boost Mobile website, you have to have a phone plan with the company and enter your phone number and four-digit account pin into the login page. Boost Mobile provides you with the four-digit account pin when you open a plan.

Once you have accessed your account with the provided four-digit pin, you can change your pin for security through the My Account feature. Without a phone plan with the company, however, you are unable to access Boost Mobile's My Account feature. The feature allows you to set up a credit card with customer service and pay fees or add money to your account directly from the website. You can also update your personal details via your account profile, as well as check the balance of your account. Additionally, the My Account feature allows you to check all of the recent calls you have made and how much each has cost you.

The My Account feature includes a link that you can click to retrieve a forgotten or lost pin number. You submit your phone number, and Boost Mobile provides you with your pin. Many of the features offered by the My Account feature can be accessed over the phone, as well.