How Do You Sign up for "Movie Star Planet"?

To sign up for "Movie Star Planet," go its homepage and click on the Play Now button. This opens a new page where you can create and customize a character for the game. After character creation, enter the desired user name and password. This creates an account and starts the game.

  1. Go to home page

    Go to the "Movie Star Planet" homepage and click on the Play Now button. This opens the page where you can create a character.

  2. Create game character

    Create a game character by either clicking on one of the two characters shown or clicking the random boy or random girl link. Once the character has been selected, customize the character appearance by clicking on the various links that appear on the upper left side of screen. When the character looks the way you want, click on the Ok Done link and a sign-up box appears.

  3. Sign up

    Enter the desired user name in the field that appears in the panel on the right side of the screen. Next, enter a password and your date of birth. Read the terms and conditions and then click on the button that indicates you accept and want to create an account. An account is created, and the game begins.