How Do You Sign up for Instagram Online?

In order to create an account on Instagram, download the mobile app, enter your email address and complete the required information. The app can be downloaded via the iOS app store, Google Play store, or the Windows Phone store.

  1. Download the Instagram app

    Depending on which phone you have, download the Instagram app by opening the iOS app store, Google Play store, or Windows Phone store and searching for the Instagram app.

  2. Open Instagram

    Once Instagram is downloaded and installed, open it up by tapping the brown camera icon, labeled "Instagram".

  3. Enter your e-mail address

    Enter your e-mail address or click "Login with Facebook" to create an account with your Facebook e-mail.

  4. Fill out your information

    Fill out the information, including your desired username, password, and profile information. If you signed up via Facebook, then you will be asked to log into your Facebook account. From there, it will automatically fill out all your profile information from the Facebook you used to login with.

  5. Post pictures

    Upload and edit any pictures you would like posted to your Instagram. Your photos will be available to be viewed publicly. You can set your Instagram profile to private, which requires users to have you added to view your Instagram photos.