How Do You Sign up for the Flex Pay Service at T-Mobile?


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As of 2015, T-Mobile no longer offers the option to sign up for its payment plan called Flex Pay Plus. The Flex Pay Plus service allowed consumers to sign a one- or two-year contract with T-Mobile.

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Consumers that signed up for the Flex Pay Plus service when it was available at T-Mobile received different billing options compared to regular customers. T-Mobile charged Flex Pay Plus users a month in advance, which was different in comparison to regular customers, who received bills in arrears at the end of the month and also qualified for a grace period to pay their bills. Flex Pay Plus customers could upgrade every two years and were still eligible to receive additional upgrades after the initial upgrade. Flex Pay Plus members also had the ability to get one-year contracts with annual upgrades.

The purpose of Flex Pay Plus was to assist consumers with low credit scores. The program allowed the clients to pay a higher amount under a contract to get service with the company. When Flex Pay Plus ended, consumers could stay grandfathered into their plans but could not add additional lines to their services. New T-Mobile clients without the plan now may need to place a deposit, depending on their credit scores, since the Flex Pay Plus plan is no longer available to offset the deposit.

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