How Do You Sign up for an Express Scripts Membership?

How Do You Sign up for an Express Scripts Membership?

Signing up for an Express Scripts membership requires visiting the company's website and filling in the online form. Members do not need to enter a prescription number to register on the site.

  1. Fill in the top section
  2. In the first section, enter first and last name, date of birth, gender and zip code. Customers needing help filling out any part of the form may click the question mark (?) at the top of each section.

  3. Provide pharmacy benefit information
  4. Under the pharmacy benefit information section, enter the member ID or subscriber ID in the box provided. Tick the circle marking the relationship to the member.

  5. Create a user ID and password
  6. The user ID and password will allow access to the site. Create a unique username or provide an email address in the box provided. In the next box, create a password. The site provides a way to check the password's strength. Once a password is chosen, confirm it in the box below. Then, users should provide a password hint which will help remind them of their password in the event it is misplaced or forgotten.

  7. Finalize the sign up
  8. To complete registration, enter and confirm an email address for future login and to receive notifications.