How Do You Sign up for Assurance Wireless?


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To sign up for Assurance Wireless, a person must qualify for the program based on federal- or state-specific standards. The program is only available for one wireless or one home phone line per household. Qualifications vary by state, so to determine eligibility, a person must first check the requirements of his state using the drop-down menu on Assurance's "How to Qualify" page. If qualified, an applicant can submit an application using the online form on Assurance's website.

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The online application consists of a few basic components. First, the applicant must provide his address and basic contact information. Next, he needs to confirm eligibility and set up an account. Then, he must sign electronic documents and provide Proof of Eligibility documentation.

To verify eligibility and prove income, an applicant should attach to his application three consecutive months of either SSA pay stubs, VA benefits or retirement/pension benefits. Alternatively, the applicant can provide the prior year's income tax return or a Federal letter of participation in General Assistance. A divorce decree or child support document that contains income also satisfies the requirement.

Customers currently enrolled in another Lifetime program whose eligibility is already in the system can switch to Assurance at any time by filling out an online application. If approved, the applicant can keep his current phone number, and his lifetime discount is applied to Assurance Wireless rather than his previous provider.

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