How Do You Sign up for My Apple?

How Do You Sign up for My Apple?

To sign up for a My Apple ID, go to, click on "Create an Apple ID" and enter the required information. An Apple ID is a user name that customers use throughout Apple. For example, it is needed to shop through the iTunes Store, enable iCloud on any Apple device, access the Apple Support website and purchase items at Apple's online store.

Follow the steps below to create an Apple ID:

  1. Go to the My Apple ID website
  2. Go to the website by entering into a Web browser. Click on "Create an Apple ID" to get to the registration page.

  3. Enter the information
  4. Enter the first and last names in the text boxes, then enter the Apple ID and password that will be used for the account. The Apple ID is the same as the account holder's primary email address, or it can be a new email address to use with the domain. Enter the date of birth, mailing address and other required information.

  5. Choose the security questions
  6. Choose three different security questions and answers. These will help Apple verify the account holder's identify if the password is lost.

  7. Set the preferences
  8. Click the check box next to any desired email preferences to receive news and updates from Apple.

  9. Create the Apple ID
  10. Enter the characters in the displayed image, then click on "Create Apple ID" to create the account.