How Do You Find a Siemens Distributor?


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The Siemens United States website offers a sales and distributor locator's service. Access the service under the more information and quick links section of the website to find a distributor.

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Provide location information, specifying an address and the radius within which the search will be done. The search covers a radius of 25 to 300 miles, with an option to locate the immediate distributor available from the specified address. Providing a ZIP code improves the accuracy of the search result. Make sure to provide a valid address for the service to work.

To further refine the search, choose a category of products that the distributor deals in. This section is crucial for the search parameters to be complete.There is a range of more than 20 products to choose from, with related products grouped together. This ensures the search is relevant, since it is impossible to choose different products that are not in the same product line.

The search, once complete shows the location of the Siemens distributor on a map. The address is also provided, and for convenience, the distance in miles from the location provided in the search parameters. Contact information, including phone and fax numbers, is available, too.

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