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Siri, Apple’s voice recognition assistant, lets users send messages, play music or videos, schedule meetings and set reminders through simple voice commands. Siri is available on all iOS 5 or later Apple mobile devices. Siri’s functionality stems from its ability to understand and solve verbal inquires. The software utilizes apps or web browsers to answer questions or execute requests.

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The most fundamental thing to know about Siri is that the user can talk to the program like a normal person. To find a good pizza restaurant nearby, simply ask, “Are there any good pizza places around here?” To be reminded to call the doctor, say, “Remind me to call Dr. Johnson tonight." Using simple commands is the most effective way to accomplish everyday tasks through Siri.

To buy a song or music, simply state the title and Siri takes the user to iTunes or iBooks. Siri is fully capable of executing a multitude of tasks. For instance, Siri can post updates or comments to Facebook or send tweets, e-mails and texts through dictation. Siri can purchase movie tickets, track stocks, fetch directions, identify songs and actively manage a calendar. Perhaps the most innovative feature associated with Siri is its ability to hold a conversation.

The program is launched by pressing and holding the Home button on an iOS device. Models with iOS 8 or later feature a hands-free Siri, which is activated through Settings. The hands-free version allows access to Siri by saying, “Hey Siri,” when the device is plugged into a power source.

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