Why Should Patients Use an Online Patient Portal Log-in Page?

Patients should use an online patient portal log-in page to access their accounts, view current personal health information and exchange messages with their doctors. Patients should also use the log-in pages on their online patient portals to view their medical histories and upcoming appointments.

Many physicians' offices give their patients the choice of creating an online patient portal account as a perk of being a patient of that office. There are different websites that provide online patient portals, and their presentations and features vary. Overall, online patient portal accounts are designed to provide patients with 24/7 access to all their personal health information.

Logging into an online patient portal requires a user name and password specific to that site. After entering this information and clicking the button to log in, the patient enters his account. The information available on an online patient portal account can include lists of current and past medications, lab results, immunizations, allergies and discharge summaries. Some patient portals provide the option of emailing a physician directly regarding a health concern and receiving a message back from the physician within the portal. Additionally, some online patient portals allow patients to request refills of prescriptions, schedule appointments, download and complete forms and check benefits and coverage.