What Should You Look for in a Vehicle Backup Camera?


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Factors to consider when choosing a vehicle backup camera include the quality of the video, the presence of any night vision sensors and whether it supports wireless or hard-wired connection to the vehicle. The cost of the camera and labor for installation are also points to consider.

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A vehicle backup camera is an optical device that mounts on the rear fender of a car or truck and displays a video feed of the area immediately behind the vehicle, allowing the driver back up safely and accurately without needing to turn around. One of the most important factors to look for in such a camera is a high-quality video feed, as it makes it easier to see the area behind you. Cameras with CCD image sensors are more expensive than the alternative CMOS sensors, but provide better resolution in a variety of lighting situations. They also filter out more visual noise and help to reduce obstruction in the final picture.

Cameras that contain infrared technology also make it possible to see at night or during conditions where there is little to no light available. Cameras that wire into a vehicle's main system are also useful in that they are not susceptible to power outages unless the car's battery dies. Direct wiring also creates a clear signal to the interior camera.

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