What Should You Look for When Buying a Bluetooth Headset?


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Some things to look for when buying a Bluetooth headset include how comfortable it is, how long it takes to charge and whether it supports stereo audio. Other features buyers should look for include a microphone mute control, call holding and last number redial.

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What Should You Look for When Buying a Bluetooth Headset?
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A headset's comfort level ranks as one of the most important things to look for. Many headsets have an earbud that fits in the ear, and some have a loop that goes around the back of the ear to hold it in. For best results, shoppers should look for headsets that offer a variety of earbuds and hooks to find the most comfortable fit. For those who find earbuds too uncomfortable to wear, many stereo headsets have ear pads that sit on the ears.

Bluetooth headsets require charging, so shoppers should consider expected use and recharging time when choosing a headset. Some headsets run for up to eight hours, while others lose power in as little as four. An audible and visual low-battery indicator helps the user avoid unexpectedly running out of power and dropping calls.

Shoppers should take into account whether they plan to listen to music in addition to making phone calls when choosing between a mono or stereo headset. Mono headsets have one earpiece and a microphone and only support voice calls, while a stereo headset has two ear pieces and allows the user to listen to music as well as make phone calls.

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