Why Should an Isolation Transformer Be Used?


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An isolation transformer is used to maximize the power quality benefits of a standard transformer when transferring electrical power from an alternating current source to any equipment. The isolation transformer can separate power devices from the power source, as it is compromised of two windings that are separated by an air gap. This type of transformer should be used when the fault currents and the power quality are of primary concern.

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Isolation transformers perform similarly to line reactors and other devices; however, they offer some key benefits. Some distinguishing benefits of using an isolation transformer include:

  • Protection against electric shocks
  • The ability to suppress electrical noises in sensitive devices
  • The ability to transfer power between two electric circuits that are not connected to one another
  • Reduction of tripping from line sags and peaks
  • Reduction in tripping occurrences in the switchgear
  • Reduction in harmonic peaks that are generated by drive

Most isolation transformers possess a electric power transfer ratio of 1 to 1 between both the primary and secondary windings. Isolation transformers are available with either single or double electrostatic shields. Each of them is used in different electric circuits and in unique circumstances.

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