What Should You Consider When Buying Wireless Speakers for a CD Player?

Factors to consider when buying wireless speakers include method of wireless communication, size and durability. Most wireless speakers use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology, each of which has advantages and disadvantages.

Bluetooth is one of the most common and convenient wireless connection methods, capable of interfacing with almost any device at a range of up to 33 feet. The technology does cause a loss in sound quality, but it’s not enough to be perceptible to most users. Wi-Fi is another common connection method, offering better audio quality and a longer range for connectivity. However, Wi-Fi requires a home Internet network, making it impractical for taking wireless speakers out into the world.

Size and durability are other major concerns when selecting wireless speakers. For users who want to travel frequently with their speakers or take them out into nature, smaller, more durable speakers are far more practical. Some wireless speakers are waterproof, ideal for users who plan to use them on a boating trip. Users who just want to have a convenient audio system around the home or in the backyard can typically get by with less portable or less durable devices. Typically, smaller portable speakers feature lower sound quality, but some more expensive models break this trend.