What Should You Do If Your Cellphone Falls in the Water?

To minimize damage to a wet cellphone, remove the battery and SIM card, wipe the outside with a clean towel, blow the remaining water out of the inside with compressed air, and submerge the phone and battery in a bag of uncooked rice overnight. Alternatively, omit the rice, and submerge the phone in a sealed container of silica gel packets.

To reduce potential damage to a water-logged cellphone, retrieve the phone as quickly as possible, and remove the battery to prevent shorting out the circuits. Carefully power it off if you are unable to remove the battery.

Do not use heat of any kind to evaporate the moisture. Instead, wipe the outside of the phone dry with a clean cloth, and use compressed air, an air compressor set to a low psi or a vacuum cleaner to remove moisture from inside the phone. Do not blow the water further inside the phone.

Use a desiccant, such as uncooked rice or silica gel, to wick away leftover moisture. Submerge the phone and the disconnected battery in a sealed container with the desiccant overnight. To avoid potential minor damage from rice dust or mushy rice, use silica gel packets often shipped with new clothing or shoes.

To minimize damage to a cellphone submerged in salt water, rinse the phone in fresh water before proceeding with the recovery process to prevent evaporated salt water crystals from damaging your phone's innards.