What Are Some Shorthand Suggestions for Text Messaging?


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Some shorthand suggestions for text messaging are typing ;-) to mean a wink; using :-) to express happiness or :-O for surprise; and using BRB for "be right back" or TTYL for "talk to you later." Other suggestions are :-( to express sadness or BTW to mean "by the way."

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What Are Some Shorthand Suggestions for Text Messaging?
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Sometimes a saying can have more than one version of shorthand. For example, xoxo and h&k both mean "hugs and kisses." Other examples of text messaging shorthand are emoticons like %-) for confusion; :' ) to mean happy tears; :-* for a kiss; <3 to represent a heart; and :-X for a big kiss.

There are many other acronyms used for shorthand such as G2G, which is short for "got to go"; AFK for "away from keyboard"; IRL, which means "in real life": IMHO to represent "in my humble opinion"; Y?, which is short for "why?"; AFAIK, which means "as far as I know"; and L8R, which means "later." Additionally, MYOB means "mind your own business," while NRN represents "no reply necessary." One can say "oh my God" by simply typing OMG; say "tonight" by using 2nite; reduce "bye for now" to B4N; or tell a friend to think positive by typing T+.

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