What Are Some Short Scary Stories for Kids Online?


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There are several good online collections of scary stories for kids, such as “The Troll Family’s Halloween” and “The Haunted Castle” on HelloKids, and “Thump Thump” and “Chicken Dinner” at Scary for Kids. American Folklore also maintains an extensive online collection of American and Canadian winter ghost stories, such as “Presumed Drowned” and “Haunted Christmas.”

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One online scary story for kids is “The Covered Bridge,” where friends Jackie and Carol meet their fates in form of marigots, burrowing meat-eating creatures that live in the ground under the bridge. The girls tempt fate and cross the bridge when local legend claims that the marigots are due to emerge.

Another online story is “Thump Thump,” about two boys whose babysitter meets her end at the hands of an escaped murderer in their home. Their parents come home to discover the boys barricaded upstairs in their rooms with the sitter’s mutilated body lying on the staircase in a pool of blood.

More traditional online scary stories include “Haunted Christmas,” a Wisconsin ghost story retold by S.E. Schlosser, where mysterious foot falls follow a middle-aged man to his doorstep on Christmas Eve. However, he arrives home safely to find his old friend Andy, whom he has not seen for many years, waiting for him. The two have dinner, and then the host shows Andy to a room for the night. The next morning, there’s no evidence that Andy was ever in the house, and a telegram arrives carrying the news that Andy died the previous evening in his own home.

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