What Is Shaw Online?

What Is Shaw Online?

Shaw Online is the official website of Shaw Theatres in Singapore. The website helps customers locate Shaw theaters, check their bookings, learn about the recent movies and learn more about the company. The website is available in English.

Clicking Cinemas on the banner at the top of the Web page opens an interactive map where customers can click any of the red pins to see the address information of a Shaw theater. Alternatively, customers can pick theaters from the list below to see pictures of their interiors, address information and the bus lines that go near the theaters.

Customers can also use the website to check their bookings by clicking Check Booking. They must then enter valid identification numbers or booking references. The website accepts passport and national identity numbers.

Clicking Movies reveals plot summaries, main cast, running time, available subtitles and trailers of movies that are currently showing. As Shaw Theatres also show IMAX movies, customers can click on the IMAX button to see movies in IMAX 3D. Customers can buy tickets from the Movies page.

It is possible to learn more about the company by clicking About Shaw at the bottom of the website. Shaw Theatres shares the full history of the company and pictures taken over a period of about 100 years as of 2016.