How Do You Share Large Files?


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There are many ways to send large files over the Internet; however, because many computer users already use Skype, it is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to facilitate a transfer. Skype file transfers are, in theory, unlimited in terms of file size and are encrypted for security.

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  1. Open the Skype window

    Using either the Skype icon on your desktop or on your taskbar, open the Skype window.

  2. Select your recipient

    From your list of Skype contacts, select the person you'd like to send the large file to. Your contact needs to be online to accept the file transfer.

  3. Select a file to transfer

    If you are in an instant messaging conversation with your recipient, click the paperclip icon, and select Send File. Otherwise, look for and click on the + button, and select Send Files from there. In the browser window that opens, navigate to the file you'd like to send. Select it, then click on the Open button.

  4. Wait for your contact to accept the transfer

    The contact is alerted of your request to transfer a file. If your recipient accepts the transfer, it begins automatically.

  5. Wait for the transfer to complete

    As long as both you and your recipient are still logged in to Skype, the file transfer continues. If either you or your recipient lose connection or need to log out, the transfer continues the next time you are both logged in.

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