How Do You Setup a Wireless Security Key?


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To set up a wireless security key in Windows 7, access the Network and Sharing Center via the Control Panel, and select the WEP option when setting up a new wireless connection. Alternatively, access the configuration menu of your wireless router, and create a WPA or WPA2 security key.

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How Do You Setup a Wireless Security Key?
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If you want to use the WEP option, click Start, and select Control Panel. Type “network” in the search field, and select Network and Sharing Center from the list of results. Click on the Set Up a New Connection or Network link, and choose the option to manually connect to a wireless network. In the Security Type section, select the WEP option, and choose an open system or shared key authentication. Since WEP is the least secure option, users should opt for WPA or WPA2 instead.

To access the configuration menu of your router, enter its Default Gateway address in the address bar of a Web browser, and press Enter. If you’re not familiar with the address, press the Start and R buttons at the same time, type “cmd” in the field, and click OK. Type “ipconfig” in the CMD window, press Enter, and locate the necessary address in the Default Gateway section. After accessing the configuration menu, click on the Wireless option, and select Wireless Security. Choose the WPA or WPA2 option, enter a desired security key of between eight and 63 characters, and click Save. This process is specific to TP-Link routers, but many others share almost identical functionality.

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