How Do You Setup a TV Satellite System?


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Locate a suitable spot for the satellite dish, assemble and mount the dish, acquire the satellite signal, run the cable into the house and install and configure the satellite receiver. The procedure is very similar for any type of satellite television system. However, the complexity of the installation can vary greatly depending on the mounting location, type and size of the dish, the desired programming requirements and the number of televisions that the system is servicing.

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Find a mounting location that has a clear view of the southern sky and a path for the cables to enter the structure. Assemble the dish according to the specific manufacturers instructions and mount it on a level, sturdy structure such as an exterior wall or the edge of the roof. The mount usually has some minor adjustment capability, but it must be plum to acquire the satellite.

Connect the cable to the satellite dish, adjust the dish to the azimuth and elevation specified and acquire the satellite signal. If you are installing a dish that only needs one satellite signal you can run the cable into the television and install the receiver before you aim the dish. The receiver's signal meter can be used to help locate the satellite signal. Many new high-definition satellite systems have hundreds of channels and need to receive signals from three or more satellites. A satellite finder meter, available from most electronics stores, is required to point the dish correctly.

Run a cable from the dish to each location in the house receiving service and install the receivers. If the number of rooms being serviced exceeds the amount of output ports on the dish a switch box is required to provide additional outputs.

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