How Do You Setup a Linksys Wireless Extender?

How Do You Setup a Linksys Wireless Extender?

To set up a Linksys wireless extender, connect your computer to the extender's Ethernet port, log in to the wireless extender's Settings page via your web browser, and configure your router to communicate with the wireless extender on the Wireless Settings tab. Linksys has various wireless extender models with different setup instructions.

For the Linksys Wireless-N range extender models, first identify your router's wireless channel, network name or SSID and security key or password. Connect your computer to the wireless extender using an Ethernet cable and make sure your extender is powered on with all the LED lights fully on.

Open your web browser and enter the IP address in the Address bar. A window will pop up asking for a username and password. Leave the username space blank and use "admin" as the password and log in. Once logged in, get to the Wireless tab, Basic Wireless Settings and select the Manual radio button and enter your router's SSID.

On the Wireless Security tab choose a preferred security mode, which can be the WPA2/WPA Mixed Mode, WPA Personal or WPA2 Personal mode, or WEP, then enter your router's password or security key and click on the Save Settings button.

Unplug the range extender and the router for 30 seconds, then plug the router in first. Wait for all the router's LED lights to turn fully on, then plug in the wireless extender.