How Do You Set up a Wireless Sound System?


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To set up a wireless surround system, connect the transmitter to the media source, then arrange the wireless speakers in their optimal positions. Turn on all the components, and test for comfortable volume levels.

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  1. Set up the transmitter

    To set up the transmitter, connect it to a media source, such as a television, stereo or computer. Plug the single end of the adapter cord into the transmitter input jack, and plug the split end into the appropriate output jacks on the source.

  2. Position the speakers

    Position the speakers to obtain optimal sound while remaining in range of the transmitter's signal. Consult the transmitter's documentation to determine the signal range. Place the center speaker either above or below the media source, while the front speakers sit at the front end of the room on either side of the center speaker. The surround speakers are positioned to the left and right of the listening area. If floor placement is not feasible, the surround speakers can be wall mounted.

  3. Test the sound system

    Turn down the volume on all the speakers, and plug them in. If they are battery powered, insert the batteries. Turn on the transmitter and the media source, ensuring all components are receiving power. Adjust the volume of the media source to a comfortable level, and raise the volume on the speakers to the desired level.

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