How Do You Set up a Wireless Router?


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As of 2014, you can set up a wireless router compatible with Microsoft Windows 8 by purchasing the right hardware, choosing the router from your wireless options and connecting the router to the Internet. Add other PCs to the network later by inputting encryption codes from each device.

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  1. Purchase a router

    Buy a wireless Internet router that has the correct specifications for a Windows 8 computer. The PC needs a wireless network adapter, wired network adapter for the set up process and an Ethernet cord.

  2. Set up the router automatically

    If your router says "Compatible with Windows" or has the Microsoft logo on it, you can set up the router with your computer automatically. Plug in the router's power cord to the wall and to the router. Swipe in from the right edge of the screen and tap Settings. Tap the wireless icon, which appears as five vertical bars. Select the network you want and choose Connect on the screen. Find the default network of the router, tap Connect again and follow the instructions on the screen.

  3. Hook up the router to the Internet

    Connect the router to a phone jack using a phone cord. You may have to restart the PC so the router's programming installs properly on the computer. Be sure you have a valid Internet connection through a provider.

  4. Surf the Web

    Find your favorite websites, download music, watch videos and play games through your new wireless Internet connection. Pay your monthly bill to your Internet provider to maintain service.

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