How Do You Set up a Wireless Network at Home?

The first thing to do is set up a wireless router, which is done by connecting the device to the Internet (usually from the WAN or Internet port on the router, to the phone/modem socket on the wall), before configuring and securing the router, with setting up the network access and sharing options being the final step. Parents can also set a network up with certain locks in place to prevent or monitor Internet access.

Securing a home network is important, as it can prevent hacking attempts, as well as ensuring only specified users have access. Setting up security measures while managing user access can be done as follows:

Make sure the router is on and connected to the Internet. Any nearby computers or laptops should pick up the wireless signal, and opening the browser on either device will usually lead to the router configuration screen. If this is not displayed, then typing in the router Internet protocol address into the browser directly will take the user to the router configuration menu. User name and password details are usually provided with the router, but can also be found on the corresponding company website.

Upon accessing the configuration menu, it is important to change both the SSID (the name your network will use) and the administrator password. Changing to WPA/WPA2 security is also recommended, although most routers automatically configure security.