How Do You Set up a Wireless Home Network?


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Begin setting up your wireless network by connecting all existing network connections to both your computer and your network access outlet. At this point, connect your computer to your new wireless router using networking cables. Older routers may require manual configuration, while newer routers have configuration software that does most of the work for you.

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Setting up a router requires a computer with a wired network connection interface. Many routers come with a CD containing configuration software. This software allows you to do things like set up the level of security you want on your network, name the network and set a password.

Numerous other tools are available through the router's configuration utility, such as the number of ports (if any) to keep open, the type of data encryption the router uses and whether to use automatic port forwarding for certain applications.

After you select all of your default settings, your can disconnect the physical cables connecting the setup computer to the router, provided that the computer has wireless capability. At any time, you can modify any of these settings by using the "ipconfig" command in your Windows console to get the router's IP address and then entering the default gateway address into any browser.

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