How Do You Set up Wi-Fi on a Samsung Phone?


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To connect a Samsung phone to a Wi-Fi network, go the Wi-Fi settings menu, and select the network you would like to connect to from the list of available networks. If prompted for a password, enter the appropriate pass key for that network.

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Access the Wi-Fi settings menu by opening the Settings app on your phone. On newer phones, the link to access your Wi-Fi configuration should be close to the top of the list of available settings; otherwise, drag the menu up until you find it. On phones running a version of Android older than Ice Cream Sandwich, enter the Connections submenu to locate the link to the Wi-Fi settings page. Tap on Wi-Fi, and the Wi-Fi settings menu should appear.

Make sure that the Wi-Fi radio on your phone is turned on. If it is not, touch the slider at the top of the Wi-Fi settings menu to turn it on. Once turned on, the phone should automatically start searching for wireless networks near you. Select the appropriate network from the list that the phone generates after the search.

Most newer phones also include the Wi-Fi Protected Setup, or WPS, connection option, which allows you to skip the password-entry step when connecting to protected networks. To use WPS, press the menu button on your phone while in the Wi-Fi settings menu, then select either WPS Push Button or WPS PIN Entry. Then, press the button on your router or enter your WPS PIN to complete the connection process.

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