How Do You Set up a Wi-Fi Network at Home?


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To set up a home Wi-Fi connection, you need an Internet connection from an Internet service provider and a wireless router. Connect the router the modem, then configure the router per its instructions.

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Some modems also have a built-in router that provides a wireless signal. If you already have a connection and modem, you need a wireless router. Unplug any devices from the modem, but do not unplug the modem from the wall. Use an RJ-45 Ethernet cable to connect the router and modem via their indicated ports. The label on the modem port is normally "Router" or something similar, while the label on the router port is typically "Modem." Turn on the router and wait a few minutes.

Turn on a computer and insert the router software disc. You may need to navigate to the router configuration page by typing the IP address in a browser address bar. On the configuration page, you can alter the router's SSID, set the security type and set a password. When setting a Wi-Fi password, pick something you can remember but isn't easy for others to guess.

Finally, test the Wi-Fi connection by clicking the Network Connection icon in the System Tray in Windows, picking the router and connecting to it.

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