How do you set up Wi-Fi in your home?


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To set up Wi-Fi in your home, you need a wireless router; however, one is often provided by broadband Internet providers instead of just a modem. Place the router in a central location so that the signal covers as much of the house as possible. Configure the router, most importantly the administrator password and the network security key. Use this security key to connect devices to the wireless network.

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How do you set up Wi-Fi in your home?
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If you need to connect the router to a modem, connect the router���s WAN port to the modem with a standard network cable. Connect your PC or laptop to one of the router���s LAN ports with a network cable. In your web browser, connect to the router���s IP address; this should be provided in the documentation.

Look for the security settings in the menu and change the administrator password. Then, change the network security password. Security level WPA2 and encryption type EAS are recommended. Find these under Network Settings or a similar menu item. Keep both passwords in a safe location. You can also change the name of the wireless network, but be sure to take note of this, as you need it and the network security password to allow devices to connect.

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