How Do You Set up Voice Mail on an AT&T Wireless Phone?


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To set up voicemail on an AT&T wireless phone, start by pressing and holding the 1 key or the Voicemail key to call the voicemail system. If you have previously had an AT&T mailbox, enter your existing password when the system prompts you to do so. Afterwards, the existing messages and the current voicemail greeting transfer to your new handset.

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If you are a new AT&T customer, you first need to select a language for the voicemail prompts that guide you for the rest of the setup process. When requested, press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish. Next, create a voicemail password that has a minimum of four digits and a maximum of 15 digits.

Next, select a type of voicemail greeting for callers to hear before leaving their messages. For a greeting with your phone number, press 1, and then press the # key to continue. If you prefer a greeting with your name, press 2, follow the prompts to record your name, and then press the # key to continue. For a personal greeting, press 3, follow the prompts to record your greeting, and then press the # key to continue. Afterwards, follow the brief instructions to complete the setup process.

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