How Do You Set up a Verizon Wireless Router?


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The first step to set up a Verizon wireless router is to install the router and then verify the router installation and the Internet connection. Then configure the network, and add the other computers to the network. Finally test the network.

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How Do You Set up a Verizon Wireless Router?
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To verify the router installation, open the Internet browser and enter the Verizon website link in the address field. The Verizon home page should open up. Prior to setting up the wireless network, understand the wireless networking system requirements and have a wireless adapter for each computer in the network.

To configure the network, click the Start option on the left taskbar, and then select Control Panel. Below the network and Internet option, click on View Network Status and Tasks. Select Manage Wireless Networks in the left navigational panel and click on the Add button in the top left toolbar. Select Manually Create a Network Profile, and enter the name of the wireless network.

Verizon recommends using WPA2 encryption to provide the highest level of network security. To set up the WPA2 encryption, select the WPA-2 personal option for the security type and enter the WPA2 encryption key in the security key field. Select the Hide Characters and Start the Connection Automatically options. Click the next button, and then click close when the screen displays the addition of the new connection. Connect the additional computers to the network using the wireless USB adapter and connect to the wireless network.

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