How Do You Set up a Text-Only Cellphone Plan?

Companies that offer text-only cellphone plans include U.S. Cellular and Verizon. As of 2015, Verizon's basic Nationwide Messaging Plan offers unlimited text messaging, instant messaging, and video and picture messaging. Additionally it includes a 150MB data allowance that can be increased by upgrading the plan to include a data allowance between 2GB and 5GB. Cellular offers a similar plan with unlimited text, picture and video messaging.

Some of these plans are designed for the deaf or the hearing impaired and are offered at competitive rates compared to talk and text plans as of 2015. However, the plans can be used by anyone that uses text messaging as his primary form of communication.

The plan offered by U.S. Cellular offers nationwide coverage without roaming charges. However, its basic plan is not available on Android, Windows, or Blackberry phones. The only plan available for these phones is the Messaging & Data plan, which adds 5GB of data per month in addition to the unlimited texting functionality.

Both of these providers offer voice calls on a pay per use basis. As of 2015, U.S. Cellular charges 25 cents per minute, while Verizon charges 40 cents per minute for local calls for its basic messaging plan and 25 cents per minute for its messaging plan with data.