How Do You Set up a Smart TV to Watch Netflix?


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While the specific methods for configuring Netflix access to a Smart TV vary according make and model, most require you to download the Netflix application for the device and then begin the account link process to receive an activation code. You must log into your Netflix account on a Web browser and enter the code to authorize the Smart TV.

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The first step to configuring Netflix access on a Smart TV is to connect the television to the Internet, typically through a built-in wireless receiver. Once the television has an active connection, check for the Netflix application on the device, or download it from the television's application store. Launch the Netflix application and confirm that you have a Netflix subscription to begin the activation process. Regardless of the make and model of your Smart TV, you need a current subscription to Netflix in order to set it up on the device.

The application displays an activation code that allows Netflix to authorize the television to access your account. Log into your Netflix account, and visit the Activation page, then enter the code that appears on the television. Once the account processes the code, the television displays the Netflix interface. It may also be possible to connect to Netflix through the televisions Internet browser application following the same basic process.

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