How Do You Set up a Skype Account?


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To set up a Skype account on your mobile device, launch the Skype application on your device, tap Create Account, accept the terms and conditions, and provide the required details. Skype signs you in automatically after creating the new account.

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How Do You Set up a Skype Account?
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Some required details when setting up a new Skype account include your name, Skype ID, password, email address and mobile number. The Skype ID must be unique and between six to 32 characters. The password must contain a minimum of six characters and at least one number. Tap the blue confirmation button after providing the required details for setting up the Skype account.

Alternatively, to create a Skype account via your Internet browser, go to Skype.com, click Get Skype at the top-right corner of the home page and then click the Join Us link on the new page. Provide the required details to register the account, and click I Agree - Continue at the bottom of the page. Skype sends a confirmation email to the provided email address. Provide the log in credentials to access Skype on different platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows. On the Set Up page, Skype offers additional tips such as things to do with Skype and instructions on how to adjust the sound and video quality.

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