How Do You Set up a Shop on EBay?


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To open an eBay shop, the shop owner must have an eBay seller account with a good seller performance level for Premium or Anchor shops. The shop owner must also have a credit card on file and a verified PayPal account.

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Once all requirements are met, a shop can be opened and a subscription level chosen based on the shop owner's needs. Basic store subscriptions are the cheapest and the most limited. Premium and Anchor subscriptions have more options and are better suited for a large shop that does a lot of business.

Choosing a name for an eBay shop is important because the name chosen determines the shop's Web address. Once a name and Web address are established, shop owners can set up and design their digital store. The shop's appearance can be customized for a unique but professional look to make it easier for buyers to find the right products. There are examples of layouts available on eBay's Anatomy Of a Store page.

There are rules for selling, and they apply to sellers and shops equally. There are particular rules about linking other pages to an eBay listing. The shop owner must be fully versed in the rules to avoid problems with product listings or sales that can result in a loss of selling privileges.

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