How Do You Set up a Sharp TV?

To set up a new Sharp TV, take the TV out of its packaging, place it on a soft, flat surface with the screen facing down, slide the base of the TV into the bracket at the bottom, and secure it in place using the screws that came with it. Next, place the TV where you wish to watch it.

Take out the power AC cord that came with the TV, plug one end to the rear of the TV, and plug the other end into a power outlet. Connect other compatible external devices using audio and visual cables, and turn on the power outlet. Insert the correct batteries into the remote control, and use it to turn on the TV. A Setup window should appear on the screen.

Press Enter on the remote to begin the setup. Use the Up and Down buttons to navigate between options, and use the Right button to select an option and move to the next menu. In the menus, select your preferred language, location and time zone. Additionally, choose the appropriate Tuner settings, depending on the antennae you're using, select Scan, and wait as the TV searches for available channels. Once the search is complete, press Enter to exit the menu.