How Do You Set up a Satellite Dish?


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The first step in setting up a satellite dish is switching off the receiver and using a cable to connect it to the dish. Next, mount the fixing bracket at a suitable position on a wall, ensuring they're both vertically aligned. One way of doing this is using a spirit level. Screw any bolts and screws on the fixing bracket tightly so that the dish doesn't easily move around, especially due to winds.

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How Do You Set up a Satellite Dish?
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Next, find out the coordinates of your location. After getting the latitude and longitude values, go to SatSig.net, enter the orbital position in the Satellite Orbit box, enter your latitude and longitude values in the appropriate text boxes, and then click on the Click To Calculate Results button. Take note of the value in the result field labelled "Dish azimuth (deg E relative to magnetic north)."

Mount the dish and tighten its bolts. With the aid of a compass, use the azimuth value you noted earlier to know which direction to point your dish. After successfully aligning, use a satellite finder to help you point the dish to a direction with a strong signal. Go to the receiver, access the setup screens, and tune it. If the receiver finds no channels, go back to the dish and try to reposition it.

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