How Do You Set up a Samsung TV for Wireless Network Access?


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Set up a Samsung TV for wireless network access by attaching an adapter, selecting the network and entering a security key. Before trying to connect the TV to a wireless network, ensure you know the name and the password for the network. Also, take note of the network's encryption type.

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Begin by attaching the Wi-Fi adapter to the USB port on the Samsung TV. Turn the TV on, then press the Menu button on the remote. Scroll to Network, go to Network Type, and then set it to Wireless. Next, go to Network Setup and choose Select a Network. Wait for the TV to scan for Wi-Fi networks that are in range.

Once the TV lists available networks, select the name of the network to which you want to connect. Next, use the remote to type the security key of the network; use the number keys to key in numbers and the arrow keys to select letters. Once you're done entering the security key, press the blue button on the Samsung remote. The TV attempts to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

If the connection fails, you may have to go back to Network Setup to adjust the IP address settings. If the connection is successful, press OK. You may have to turn your TV off and on again for the effects to take place.

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