How Do You Set up a Samsung TV?

To set up a Samsung TV, first join the two pieces of the TV stand, and then position the TV into it. Connect the TV to a power outlet using the power cord, connect the antenna and select the appropriate options when prompted on the TV.

To join the two pieces of the TV stand, lay the flat piece down and position the guide, or "L"-shaped piece, on top of it so that both their holes are lined up. Insert screws into the holes, and tighten them using a Phillips screwdriver.

Now, insert the TV into the stand so that the front of the TV faces the same direction as the front side of the stand, which is shaped like an "L". The screw holes on the TV are located at its bottom. Insert the screws through it and into the TV stand, and tighten them.

Next, connect the power cord's female end to the television's power prongs. Plug the other end of the cord into the power outlet on the wall. Connect the antenna into the RF port, which is marked as "Antenna In."

Insert suitable batteries into the remote control of the TV, and switch the unit on. Using the arrow buttons, the number pad and the Enter button on the remote control, choose an appropriate language, enter the time and date and choose the source of antenna transmission. The TV should now automatically start searching for channels.