How Do You Set up a Roku Player?


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Set up a Roku player by determining the audio/video connection type to use and the networking type. Connect the cables, and follow instructions on the screen.

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How Do You Set up a Roku Player?
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Audio/video connection types available on most television sets include HDMI, component and composite. The ideal connection type is HDMI, as it can carry both video and audio signals through a single cable. Component connections require a separate cable for audio. HDMI and component support a high-definition picture, while composite only supports a standard-definition picture.

A single cable runs from the television into the back of the Roku player in HDMI connections. In component connections, connect the red, blue and green component connectors on one end of the cable into the television. Connect the colored connectors on the other end of the cable into the corresponding Roku outputs. Audio on component connections requires audio cables with white and red connectors be connected to the corresponding audio ports on the television and Roku. For composite connections, insert the yellow, white and red audio and video connectors on each end of the cable into the television and Roku.

For a wired networking type, connect one end of an Ethernet cable into the Roku player and the other end into the router. For a wireless networking type, follow the on-screen instructions, and insert the wireless network name and password when requested. Once connected, the Roku downloads the latest software and reboots. Follow the remaining on-screen instructions after the reboot.

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