How Do You Set up an RCA Remote Control?

Use the manual search code or the direct entry code to setup your RCA remote control. Both methods use a pre-programmed code that identifies the device.

To use the Manual code search, first turn on the device you want to control, and manually press and hold the device key you wish to program on the remote. While you're holding down the key, the Power key should illuminate. Use your other hand to hold down the remote's Power key. Wait for the Power key to come back on, then release both keys. Press the Power key on the remote while pointing at your device's front panel, and wait for two seconds. Press the Stop key to store your code.

To use the direct entry code method, manually turn on the device you wish to control. Locate your device's brand on the code list that accompanied it. Press and hold your device key, and use your other hand to input the code you found on the code list. While still holding down the device key, look at the Power key. If it Illuminates, you've successfully programmed your device. If it blinks four times and then turns off, then you may have entered the wrong code or missed a step. Try the steps again.