How Do You Set up Port Forwarding on a Router?

How Do You Set up Port Forwarding on a Router?

To set up port forwarding on your router, open the router management screen, and find the port forwarding options. Enter the IP address of your computer, the port range for the device you want to connect and the forwarding protocol type.

  1. Open your router management screen

    Open an Internet browser window, type your router's IP address into the address bar and hit the Enter key. Enter your router login information into the security page to access the router management screen.

  2. Locate the port forwarding options

    Find the port forwarding options in your router management screens. The location is different for every router. Check your product's documentation for the specific spot. Port forwarding is often located in the Advanced Settings or Virtual Servers tabs.

  3. Locate the appropriate service port

    Find the user manual for the device you want to forward, and find its service port numbers and TCP or UDP protocol designation. Enter the port number or range into the Inbound Port box, and choose TCP, UDP or both in the protocol section. Some routers offer a lookup service. Simply select the name of your system from the drop-down box, and the router automatically fills in the correct port numbers.

  4. Add your computer's IP address

    Look for a field called Server IP address or a similar option. Enter your computer's IP address, or choose from the list of connected devices. Apply the changes to complete the port forwarding.