How Do You Set up the OnStar RemoteLink App?

How Do You Set up the OnStar RemoteLink App?

To set up an OnStar RemoteLink application, open the app, and log in to OnStar with your online username and password. Once logged in, you need your OnStar account number and PIN. If you do not know your account number, you must request it from OnStar.

Knowing the PIN allows access to many of RemoteLink's features. If you do not know your PIN, push the blue OnStar button to speak to an adviser.

This app allows you to remote start your vehicle, lock and unlock your doors, send directions right to your vehicle, access addresses from your device's contact list and find the vehicle's current location. You are also able to check fuel economy and tire pressure, plus many other features.

The OnStar RemoteLink app is available for many mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch and Android OS. It is also available for BlackBerry and Windows phones 7.5 and 8. However, the 2015 version of the app is only available for iOS and Android devices.

Not all vehicles are compatible with the OnStar RemoteLink app, as of 2015. Many vehicles manufactured by Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac are compatible, but it is always best to check first for compatibility.