How Do You Set up Online Voicemail?


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To set up online voicemails, you need an online VoIP service provider such as Google Voice, Phonebooth, YouMail or eVoice. You can obtain some of these services with a paid subscription while some are free. The exact method for setting up voicemail depends on the selected voicemail service.

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How Do You Set up Online Voicemail?
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First, register with the service provider’s directory. Any online voicemail service provider needs to access your phone number, too. Therefore, make sure you have the same number available that you are registering at that moment.

After you complete registration, choose any available number the service provider offers you. For example, Google Voice offers this option. This new seven digit number is now your new online phone number. Choose a local area code to link to your new phone number.

Once you choose a number, link your original phone number with that number. The service provider then sends a password, or may request that you call to verify your number. After successfully linking up to the online account, you can add the voicemail option to that number.

Whenever anyone calls you on your Web voice mail number, it now instantly forwards the voicemail to your mobile phone number. Voicemail messages stored on your phone are also accessible on your online voicemail box in the form of .wav files. Some service providers even transcribe your voicemails into text files so you can read your voicemails via a mobile application, text message or email or by logging into your online account.

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