How Do You Set up a Nexus 5?

To set up Nexus 5, insert your SIM card and select Language, set up the Wi-Fi connection and click on the Tap & Go screen. After this, you can add accounts and restore your data.

Insert your SIM card before turning on your phone. Below the power button, there is a slot; remove the tray and put your SIM card. Put the tray back and switch on the phone. Choose a default language and click the arrow button to continue. You can change the language later from the Settings menu.

Choose your Wi-Fi connection and enter your password. This step is not crucial, although it is advisable to do so, since it lets you check for updates and log into your Google account. Select Tap & Go on the screen. If your old phone has Bluetooth features, you can connect with Nexus 5, and it will transfer all your personal data and settings through Bluetooth.

If you do not want to use Tap & Go, add your Google account and payment details. If you do not have a Google account, sign up for one; if you do, enter your information. Additionally, set up your Google Wallet account using your credit card. You can decide to restore your settings from another phone or clear all the data.