How Do You Set up NETGEAR Wireless?


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To set up your NETGEAR wireless router, use an Ethernet cord to directly connect your router to either your laptop or desktop computer. Once connected, open up a web browser, type the secure URL, and use the default password and username from the router to log in to the device.

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The included NETGEAR manual also provides the URL and default password and username. You can change the password and username at any time during the process. Once you finish logging in, the page directs you to the Setup Wizard. On the Setup Wizard's main page, click the Wireless Settings link to change the name of your network to a unique name and choose your broadcast channel.

You have the option to broadcast on a 2.4-gigahertz or 5.0-gigahertz frequency, depending on your NETGEAR wireless router model. For example, most new routers simultaneously transmit the wireless signal in multiple frequencies as of 2015. A 5.0-gigahertz frequency has less interference than a 2.4-gigahertz frequency.

Set up the router to allow users access to your wireless connection. The router also can limit the number of users that have access to your network, their data usage, and their data speed. Create a security password to help prevent unwanted intruders from accessing your wireless network. You can also block websites and keywords from user access. Finally, you can set up remote access to printers and external storage devices.

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