How Do You Set up a N300 Belkin Router?


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To set up the N300 Belkin router, connect your modem and computer to the router, and follow the steps after inserting the setup CD into your computer. When prompted, type the default network name and password in the appropriate fields, and click Next to automate the setup process.

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Once you connect your computer to a modem, verify that the Internet connection is active by visiting any website. If the Internet connection works, unplug the modem and the router from the power source. Connect the modem to the WAN or Internet port on the router, and then use an Ethernet cable to connect your computer to a LAN or Ethernet port on the same router. Look at the bottom of the N300 Belkin router, and write down the Network Name, or SSID, and Password entries. After inserting the setup CD, type those entries in the required fields, and click on the Next button to complete the process.

In case you don’t have the setup CD, type “” or "http://router" in the address bar of your Web browser, and click on the Detect My Connection button once the Let’s Connect to the Internet page appears. After the router connects to the Internet, choose a network name and password, and select the desired security protocol. Complete the registration form by entering the necessary information, and modify the router settings in the dashboard if needed.

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