How Do You Set up Moultrie Cameras?

How Do You Set up Moultrie Cameras?

Do a detailed survey to locate the best position to mount the Moultrie camera. Select spots that have a high likelihood of animal activity, install the camera against a firm surface, and program it take pictures using either the infrared or laser aim setting.

Open the battery compartment by unfastening the thumb screws and sliding the door open. Insert a secure digital card and batteries. Use the mounting straps that came with the Moultrie camera. Installing the camera on a tree is the easiest procedure due to the strap design, but you can mount it against any firm surface. Make sure the camera is not directed at the sun.

Customize the final settings using the full array of Moultrie camera settings available. Adjust the setup date and time on the Moultrie camera to reflect current information, and customize the camera settings as desired. Use the image delay screen to set the delay between pictures if the game remains within camera range. A Moultrie camera lets you adjust the capture mode, flash and image quality.

Rotate the rotary dial to infrared aim so the camera takes pictures automatically once it senses movement. Alternatively, rotate to laser aim so the camera takes photos when movement passes through the laser beam.

Once the mounting is complete, switch the camera to the power on position. Select the auto mode with either the mode button or mode dial. Wait for the camera to take pictures.